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It’s Time to Reimagine Recess!

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Dear Parents and Community Members:
Families have long expressed hope for updated playgrounds at both Stormonth Elementary and Bayside Middle schools. We are happy to report: the day has come. The Fox Point-Bayside School District is shifting its capital improvements focus beyond the walls of our schools by reimagining its playgrounds.
The district needs our help to fund this new initiative. Recess is recognized as an important part of the school day to give developing minds a respite from the classroom. The American Academy of Pediatrics highlights that,”...several studies demonstrated that recess, whether performed indoors or outdoors, made children more attentive and more productive in the classroom.”
It is on the playground where students can have an unstructured, safe environment to play, rest, socialize, create and exercise. According to our schools’ records, more than 90% of our children’s recess time is spent outdoors, and they deserve high-quality, accessible equipment to enjoy.
Advancements in playground design and offerings make this a very exciting, albeit expensive, initiative for our district. Similar to the development of Makerspaces at both schools, comprehensive improvements to playgrounds will take place over multiple years and funds and attention will alternate between our schools.
The Educational Foundation has set a goal to raise $60,000 in the 2019-2020 academic year to supplement the extensive costs to improving our playgrounds in the first year of the Reimagining Recess initiative. We are asking you, the families and residents of our generous community, to help us reach our goal and kick off this initial phase.
Your tax deductible gift, at any level, makes an incredible difference in our schools inside and outside.
With deep appreciation,
Nicole Cook
President, Parent, Community Member

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"Make it Happen for Makerspace!"

What is a Makerspace?

A makerspace is a flexible and innovative space that blends digital and physical technology. It is a place where students can collaborate and think critically. A makerspace supports formal and informal learning. Through open-ended exploration, it captures students’ interests and molds our students into creators using up-to-date technologies. Our kids can explore things like coding, creating movies, podcasts, robotics, crafts, circuit building and more. Stuff many of us only ever dreamed of doing in school!

Teachers and students can use the makerspace together to delve into topics they are learning in the classroom, as well as, apply their creative thinking skills. This is the direction of 21st century learning!