Annual Appeal

New Campaign Coming Soon

The annual appeal campaign for 2021-2022 is in development. Please check back in November 2021 for more information on how you can support our community and schools.

Unrestricted donations are always welcome. You can use the donate tabs throughout the website to make a contribution.

Our last campaign was to build new playgrounds. Why?

As the district wants to get kids outside as much as possible now and for years to come, the dilapidated nature of our previous playground spaces was a disservice and worked against efforts to give kids a break from screens, masks, etc.

There is compelling data about the benefits of active play and free-range socialization for children of all abilities.

Having stimulating outdoor spaces promotes social intelligence, 
allows students to recharge between academic sessions, and encourages movement throughout
 the day for greater physical health.

Check out, The Benefits of Play in Children by Marie Hartel-Walker, Ed.D.