Donor Recognition Signage Coming Soon

We announced during Rolling on the Green—HOME EDITION that donor recognition signage will be included in the playground construction plans.

Here are preliminary details about what this means and who is eligible for recognition.

The Campaigns

The Foundation’s effort to raise funds for new playgrounds at Stormonth and Bayside Middle was a 2-year initiative and executed under two campaign names “Reimagining Recess” and “Leveling the Playing Field.”  Therefore, all donations provided during this two year period will count toward a family or individual’s total.

This includes:

  • donations toward the Reimagining Recess and Leveling the Playing Field annual appeals, which occurred in the fall of 2020 and 2021
  • outright donations made to the foundation from September 2019-June 2021 (two school years)
  • sponsorships for Rolling on the Green (February 2020) and Rolling on the Green–HOME EDITION (March 2021)
  • magnet board donations at Rolling on the Green (February 2020)
  • race to $10,000 commitments at Rolling on the Green–HOME EDITION (March 2021)
Not included:
  • Event ticket purchases
  • Silent auction purchases (including Teacher Experiences)
  • Raffle ticket purchases

Signage Plan

The style and placement of the signs will be proposed and chosen by the project design firm, the construction installation company and district officials.

The list of donor amounts and names will be provided by the Educational Foundation and organized in the following donation tiers:

$5,000 and up

$2,500 – 4,999

$1,000 – 2,499

$500 – $999

Donation tiers will be calculated as cumulative totals over the two-year campaigns. For example: if Donor A Sponsored Rolling on the Green in February 2020 at $500 and made a Race to $10K donation of $500 during Rolling on the Green—HOME EDITION in March 2021, then donor A will be listed in the $1000 – $2499 level.

The plan calls for two identical signs to be placed on the playground at Stormonth Elementary and Bayside Middle.

Next Steps

The Foundation Board Members are working behind the scenes to accurately identify eligible donors and sponsors.

We will then notify those folks and ask for information about how they would like to be listed on the sign. Eligible donors will have the opportunity to decline recognition at this time as well.

We will periodically communicate with eligible donors at different phases of the signage design, production and installation.

We hope to have an unveiling of the signage upon completion of the playgrounds.

Additional Questions?

If you have additional questions, please email


We continue to welcome gifts toward the “Leveling the Playing Field” campaign. Please make your donation at any amount here.  Gifts received by June 1, 2021 that exceed $500 will be eligible to be included on the donor recognition signage.

Again, the deadline to be included on the donor recognition sign is June 1, 2021.