What is Reimagining Recess all about?

Our 2019-2020 fundraising campaign is aimed at supporting the districts initiative to improve our school’s playground facilities.

Families have long expressed hope for updated playgrounds at both Stormonth Elementary and Bayside Middle schools. We are happy to report that the day has come.

The Fox Point-Bayside school district is shifting its capital improvements focus beyond the walls of our schools by reimagining its playgrounds and they need our help to fund the initiative.

Recess is recognized as an important part of a school day to give developing minds a respite from the classroom. Mid-day, unstructured play promotes physical, mental and social activity. It is on the playground that students have a safe environment to play, rest, socialize, create and exercise.

Advancements in playground design, inclusion and offerings make this a very exciting initiate for our district.

Similar to the development of Makerspaces at both schools, comprehensive improvements to the playgrounds will take place over multiple years and alternate schools to equally distribute funds and attention.

The Educational Foundation has set a goal to to raise $60,000 in the 2019-2020 academic year in support of the first year of the Reimagining Recess initiative.

You can help us, right now!

Here’s how:

1. Make a donation to the educational foundation here.

2. Attend Rolling on the Green, Feb. 22, 2020. Buy your tickets here.

3. Donate the cost of a teacher to attend and enjoy Rolling on the Green 2020 here.